Hey! My name is Sean Mullowney and I want to thank you for visiting Life; Right Side Up!

Will you benefit from this site?

If you are one of the below then you came to the right place.

  • those wanting to improve their health.
  • those who want more detail and advice about exercise.
  • those who are proactive about their health.
  • those independent thinkers who don’t believe everything they read 🙂

I will share most of my valuable tips with you those on my email list. Once you sign up send me your biggest obstacle you face on your health and fitness journey.

More info about me:

  • Started my Personal Training business in 1996
  • Accumulated over 30,000 one on one client hours
  • 1 of 5 Chek Level 3 Practitioners in Canada
  • Only Level 3 Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach in Atlantic Canada
  • Have worked with professional AHL hockey team (St. John’ Maple Leafs)
  • Worked with Olympic Medalist Jill Henzelwood
  • Naturopath
  • Author, lecturer and Sundays you’ll find me watching the NFL 🙂

I know the knowledge you’ll  gain here will assist you on your health journey.

Stay well,

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