Bananas don’t like me.

I don’t mean in the sense of a different ideology.

But they really don’t like me!

Hey what did that mass produced, heavily sprayed, frequently shipped Cavendish fruit ever do to you?

Gas….every single time. (My fix is below)

I must admit I like the taste of bananas. I like the texture. I like the quick source of energy it supplies ….however, it’s a trade off for the bloating and gas.

I shouldn’t pick on bananas exclusively as a cause of those symptoms but for the purpose of this post they are the food on the bullseye.

I always find it interesting when discussing food habits with clients and they keep eating certain foods that are obviously problematic to them.

Me: “Do you get gassy or bloated when you eat ____?”

“Yes, but I have always gotten gas and sometimes bloated – that’s normal.”

Me: Blank face – “So it’s normal to be bloated and gaseous after eating certain foods?”

Client: “Yes.”

More blank face.

Just because the magazine at the local grocery or a TV health expert has told you a food is great doesn’t mean you should eat it.

That goes for my advice too.

Sweeping statements of a particular food being mandatory for health is just flat wrong.

A vegetarian diet is best – Colin Campbell (China Study)

A high protein and fat diet is best – Dr. Atkins

Eat like hunter gatherers – Loren Cordain (paleo diet)

All the above are different but also backed by numerous studies.

Don’t let a trendy diet lead you to eating a way that causes digestive stress. Sure there may be some initial issues like when people go back to meat or dairy after abstaining for some time. But chronic gas and discomfort is on the other end of the spectrum of health.

Like many foods they can be modified to ease potential GI stress. The recipe below is a personal favorite. Not only does it taste good but it allows people who get gas and bloating from bananas to enjoy this nice desert without that aggravation.

The frying serves a purpose similar to pre-digestion. This allows this high starch fruit to be received a little easier. Those who are sensitive to starch or get a blood sugar response due to starch will find this method of eating bananas pleasing and conducive to their body.

Some will argue that the negative reactions are from the chemicals sprayed on the crop. It is true in several countries plantation owners spend more money on agrochemicals than on their workforce. The evidence is conflicting in that area but avoiding pesticides/herbicides surely isn’t harmful.

Fried Bananas


-2 bananas
-1 teaspoon of coconut oil
-1 teaspoon of honey
-1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

Put coconut oil in frying pan on medium heat.Slice bananas horizontally or vertically (your preference) and add. Cook for approx 8-10 minutes or to desired browning. Remove and top with cinnamon and honey.

You can add ice cream,chocolate or whatever you fancy. This is a quick desert and tasty.

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